NYC Street Photography with the Game Boy Camera

The Game Boy Camera was first released from Nintendo in 1998. It featured primitive -- even for the time -- digital photography that produced 256 x 224 images, boasting the black and white color palette that the original Game Boy was known for. In other words, it makes very simple pixelated black and white digital images. It's these very limitations that stirred me to source one and begin shooting New York City with it. 

It was a natural evolution of my minimal urban photography; deconstructed urban environments reduced to very visible pixels. In an age where camera manufacturers race to ever more mega pixels, sharpness, ISO, etc., I became attracted to the idea of returning to the roots of digital photography. It's been a thrill seeing the world through huge, blocky pixels and learning to make images that work well with this camera. 

Though getting a color image out of any black and white camera or film like the Game Boy Camera is very difficult and time-consuming, being forced to go through a lengthy process just to produce color has allowed me to slow down and see the city differently, too. 

It's still a new project, but I'm enjoying the fruits of the labor so far. Here's a taste:

One WayOne Way