If You Listen Closely

Fifth Avenue, 2015Fifth Avenue, 2015

For centuries, New York has been regarded as a cold, dreary, and gray metropolis. If you don’t pay attention, the city can certainly seem that way. This surface appearance is compounded if you endure nagging anxiety or depression that really shines in the gloom.

During a particularly rough flare-up of panic disorder in early 2016 I challenged myself to find moments of calm with my camera; glimpses of unexpected beauty, buoyant bursts of color — none of which is easily found if you don’t listen closely. But I had to begin paying attention. I needed to manage the chaos. I needed to quiet the constant hum of the city and my mind. These photographs are the exotic trophy kills from my daily therapy sessions spent hunting the concrete jungle. After more than a year on this trek, I’ve begun to realize that this bright and promising “other side” of New York City is as much a part of its soul as the dark reputation that precedes it. Tranquility in New York, whowudda thought?

Brooklyn MirrorBrooklyn Mirror

Brooklyn Heights, 2016Brooklyn Heights, 2016

Brooklyn HeightsBrooklyn Heights

Times Square, 2015Times Square, 2015



Tribeca 2Tribeca 2

Blank Canvas, BushwickBlank Canvas, Bushwick


Smoke Stack CanvasSmoke Stack Canvas Times Square StreakTimes Square Streak


Riverside ParkRiverside Park