Shoot New York like a local street photographer!

42nd Street Giant42nd Street Giant

The Big Apple is just that -- big! It can be intimidating to someone who's just beginning to shoot the city's streets. Whether one's recently relocated to New York or simply visiting for the weekend, locating the ideal neighborhood for producing street photography aligned with their personal style is a monumental -- if impossible -- task. I'm here to help. I've spent years exploring NYC's every nook and cranny with my camera bag and have produced award-winning street photography because of it. From classic New York street photography to street art to street portraits to geometry-based images or even billboard-spotting, my experience has afforded me the knowledge of which city streets are consistent hotbeds of these streets are a hotbed for specific street styles. 

Times Square, 2015Times Square, 2015

Here's what's in it for you: 

  • You tell me what style of photography you want (for example: portraits, geometry, street art, billboards, classic, architecture, etc) and I'll pinpoint desirable areas for a photo walk
  • I'll take you on a morning or afternoon guided street photo walk
  • I'll be another set of eyes and help you see the potential decisive New York moments you're hunting 
  • I'll help brainstorm the ideal settings for your camera tailored specifically to our New York street photo walk* 
  • ​I'll provide additional intel on shooting in New York to help you continue your journey 
  • Optional add-on: I'll help you edit the street photos you make after our session with feedback, constructive criticism and help you select the keepers
  • Open to customizations

 *Bring your own camera; basic working knowledge of your gear expected

Fifth Avenue, 2015Fifth Avenue, 2015

Though not a replacement for a street photography workshop intensive (for that, I recommend Eric Kim and the Leica Store's offerings), my guided New York City street photography photo walks will help streamline your time in the city, and, hopefully allow you to make photos you otherwise would be unable to make with a limited knowledge of one of the largest and most-photographed cities in the world! 

For now, click here to CONTACT ME here for inquiries, more details or to schedule a guided photo walk.

Let's go make some street photography! 

Columbus Circle, 2015Columbus Circle, 2015

Bryant Park, 2015Bryant Park, 2015

Wall StreetWall Street

(All images ©Jonathan Higbee)