LFI Magazine: Jonathan Higbee - Patient Observer

June 21, 2017 "Curious moments arise every day on the streets of New York. The scenes captured by Jonathan Higbee with his Leica Q, however, are so way-out, funny and noteworthy, that we couldn’t avoid asking the LFI Gallery photographer a few questions. A chat about street photography, the talent of precise observation and the street as a stage." -- LFI 

World Street Photography 4 announced

June 27, 2017 The 2016 - 2017 edition of World Street Photography book has been announced and is available to purchase here. Two photographs of mine have been selected for the book. 

This is What NYC Street Photographers Sometimes Experience

Editorial penned for The Phoblographer -- June 22, 2017 Founding Member

June 2017 I'm thrilled to be a launch artist at I'm in great company of talented friends and colleagues like Michael Ernest Sweet, Sally Davis, Stuart Paton, Spyros Papasypropoulos, Johnny Mobasher, Juan Cristobal Cobo and more. 

The new organization aims to be a comprehensive home base for the art of street photography on the Web. 

Huffington Post, May 2017

"I love this work. It’s bright, bold, and certainly beautiful - especially for New York City - the famous “black and white city” as Woody Allen would say. I say, “New York City a.k.a. fifty shades of brown”. But Jonathan Higbee busts that claim with this collection. Whether this work finds its home on a bank wall, above the bed in a boutique hotel room, or in Madonna’s penthouse - it’s photography, it’s art, and it should be on its way to iconic status because it is New York City in one of the freshest, most compelling, most colorful takes of recent times." - Michael Ernest Sweet, Huffington Post

The Phoblographer: Hasselblad X1D Review for Street Photography April 2017

My review of the Hasselblad X1D for street photography, published by the Phoblographer. 

Fotopolis, February 2017

"One of the most interesting photographers of the young generation in New York"

"When Reality Turns Into An UnexpectedWorld."  

Tackle Interview

March 2017

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