Jonathan Higbee (1981) is a contemporary fine-art photographer. He was born and raised in Independence, Missouri, and has lived in Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angeles, but he's called New York home for nearly 10 years. Immediately after pursuing a communication and media studies program at Santa Monica College, he was hired as an editorial assistant for Instinct, America's largest independently-published gay print magazine. He quickly found his niche as a travel correspondent, producing copy and photography for extensive international travel features. His love for photography blossomed when he moved to New York and began making images of his neighborhood. Jonathan is a 2018 Hasselblad Masters finalist, and has earned multiple awards, including the 2015 World Street Photography grand prize. He is exhibited across the world, including a recent solo show in Russia. His work has appeared in Vice, BuzzFeed, Daily Mail, Spiegel Online, Colossal, Huffington Post, GUP Magazine, and more. He's appeared on broadcast television shows such as Telematin (France), FOX KIDY News (Texas) and New York Live on NBC (the U.S. Northeast), and will be included in the cast of a feature-length documentary film that's shooting in the U.S. this summer.

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