New York By Chance

Photographer Jonathan Higbee spent years painstakingly documenting fleeting juxtapositions on the streets of New York. These intersections of passers-by, street signs, billboards, and more take on new meaning and life through the lens of Higbee’s camera: as a dancer on a stage of trash, graffiti unfurling from a backpack, to even a giant casually walking the streets of the city. Each photograph captures the wit, joy, and surrealism of everyday life in a sometimes chaotic world. Featuring new photographs, as well as seminal photos from his initial series, Coincidences is Higbee’s self-professed love letter to New York and its moments of serendipity.

Jonathan Higbee is a New York-based photographer. His work ranges from fine art to commercial, though he is often noted for his portfolio of street photography. Higbee was awarded the World Street Photography grand prize in 2015, and a LensCulture Street Photography Award in 2016. His photos are exhibited all over the world, and have also been featured in major publications such as Huffington Post, Daily Mail, and Buzzfeed. Coincidences is his first book.

Foreword by Dustin Lance Black, with a statement from Matt Stuart. Published by Anthology Editions.

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